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Any Canadian university with degree-granting authority may apply to become a member of CUSC-CCREU. Members receive a master data file containing responses to all survey items from all participating member universities, a data file of responses to open-ended questions from their students, and the master (institutional) report. CUSC members are also eligible to attend and participate as a voting member in the CUSC spring meeting and the Annual General Meeting. CUSC members must sign and abide by the Consortium’s Data Licensing and Membership Agreement . The fee for CUSC membership is $500.

Post-secondary institutions that do not wish to become members may participate in CUSC-CCREU surveys at the discretion of the Board. Non-member institutions are not required to sign the Data Licensing and Membership Agreement since they do not receive data from other institutions. Non-member institutions receive data only from their students. Their student’s responses will be excluded from the master data files and report. The fee for non-member participation in the survey is $250.The survey package cost is based on the number of students your institution invites to participate in the survey. This ranges from $2,950 for up to 500 students, to $5,325 for up to 15,000 students. Other options are available for additional charges.

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