CUSC operates on a three-year cycle, alternating between graduating students, first-year students, and middle years students.

The 2014 Middle Years Student Survey replaces the former All Undergraduates Survey and is the first in CUSC’s improved suite of surveys. The new suite builds on the strengths of the past surveys and continues to run on a three-year rotation. All of the surveys continue to focus on the Canadian university student experience, providing answers to concrete questions such as the use of and satisfaction with services. Comparison and benchmarking opportunities remain possible through the data collected.

While many of the core features that made the CUSC-CCREU surveys successful remain, some changes are introduced. The revised surveys aim to collect information about what students expect of their university, their motivations for going to university, whether they have a goal in mind, and their self-reported development. The three surveys will contain common questions to help universities assess how their students change as they progress through their education. Core questions found on all three CUSC‐CCREU surveys include:

  • Demographics/ personal profile
  • Students’ academic profile
  • Use of and satisfaction with various facilities and services
  • Experiences with faculty
  • Financing education
  • Whether the university experience exceeded, met, or fell short of expectations
  • Assessment of the overall university experience
  • Open-ended questions – Which aspects of your experience were the most negative/ most positive?

Notes: All three surveys are the intellectual property of CUSC. When referencing any of the questions included in CUSC’s surveys, please cite the source (e.g. Canadian University Survey Consortium. CUSC 2014 survey – Middle Years Students). Please note that the on-line surveys differ in appearance from the posted versions of the questionnaires.