Since 1996 CUSC undergraduate student surveys have followed a three-year cycle, alternating between: first-year students, all students, and graduating students.

Visit the Survey participation page to view the number of universities that participated each year and the surveys page for more information on each survey.

The 3 most recent pre-2014 CUSC surveys are available through the links below. Some of the questions are the same in all surveys; some of the questions are specific to one survey. Please note that the on-line surveys differ in appearance from these versions of the questionnaires.

2013 CUSC Survey of First-Year Students
2012 CUSC Survey of Graduating Students
2011 CUSC Survey of Undergraduate Students

The first-year survey focuses on:

  • Reasons for choice of university and program
  • Sources of information used in choice of university
  • Perception of the costs and benefits of a university education
  • Application, registration and orientation processes
  • Transition to and integration into university life
  • Need for, and use of learning support services
  • Prediction of retention, intention to return

The all undergraduate survey focuses on:

  • Level of preparedness to continue and complete program
  • Satisfaction with, and effectiveness of different learning modalities
  • Assessment of the value of required and elective courses
  • Areas of personal growth and development

The graduating survey focuses on:

  • Extent to which personal goals were achieved and expectations met
  • Perceptions of educational outcomes
  • Reasons for interruption of studies
  • Reasons for changes to program
  • Reflection on overall growth and development
  • Plans and preparation for future study and employment

In addition, all of the surveys ask questions about:

  • Key areas of satisfaction in teaching, services, overall university experience
  • Financing education, current employment, student debt
  • Challenges or obstacles of greatest concern about completion of program
  • Awareness and use of services and facilities
Note: CUSC student surveys are the intellectual property of CUSC. When referencing any of the questions included in CUSC’s surveys, please cite the source (e.g. Canadian University Survey Consortium. CUSC 2011 survey – all undergraduate).