Request Results

Each university that participates in CUSC owns its survey data. CUSC members make data available to other members of the Consortium according to the Data Licensing and Membership Agreement. This Agreement prohibits the Corporation or any member of the Consortium from releasing the data of any other university. The Corporation does not own the data and cannot release it with the identities of universities disclosed.

If you would like survey results from a specific university, please contact that university. Usually, the Institutional Research or Institutional Analysis and Planning department deals with CUSC data. The university may choose not to release any results. If you would like aggregate results from several universities, please contact a CUSC Board member. In your email, be sure to include a description of the information you are seeking (e.g. which survey(s), which survey question(s), which universities) and the purpose of your request (Why do you want this information? Who will use this information and how?). A fee may be charged for these results depending on the complexity and amount of time to complete your request.