2023 Middle-Years Key Outcomes

The 2023 Middle-Years Student Surveymarks the 29th cooperative study undertaken by the Canadian University Survey Consortium (CUSC). The 2023 survey involved 29 universities and almost 12,000 students from across Canada. Past surveys involved between 24 and 29 participating universities with a range of 15,248 to 22,537 students completing the survey.

Middle-Years SurveyMiddle-Years SurveyMiddle-Years Survey

Students were asked to rate the likelihood that they would recommend their university to others on a scale from 0 (not at all likely) to 10 (extremely likely). The Net Promoter Score (NPS) was calculated, where detractors (rating of 0 to 6) are subtracted from promoters (rating of 9 or 10), Over the last two surveys, there has been a significant decline in the NPS for universities, dropping from -1 in 2020 (27% minus 28%) to -13 in 2023 (22% minus 35%).

Students were asked to rate the commitment to completing their undergraduate program. The graph below illustrates students’ future plans concerning their educational pursuits and commitment to their current university. Although there has been a slight increase in the past two surveys of students indicating that they plan to go to college the following year instead of returning to their studies, the vast majority (around 90%) indicate they plan to complete their degree at their current university.

When asked about whether the university has surpassed, met, or fallen short of their expectations, there has been a decrease in students who say their experiences have exceed expectations coupled with an increase in those who say their experiences have fallen short.

Overall, the vast majority of students are positive about their program. However, there has been a slight decline in students’ agreement in a few areas, most notably that they had adequate information about their program from the university before enrolling – dropping six percentage points over time.

Among four statements assessing students’ abilities and efforts, the statement willing to put a lot of effort into being successful at a university has consistently received the highest rating. However, trend lines indicate that fewer students agree that they can deal with stress, dropping eight percentage points over time.

When students were asked to assess their satisfaction with their decision to attend the university, the majority expressed contentment; however, the proportion who are very satisfied has decreased by three percentage points in each of the past two surveys.

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